Rain, God, and Crocodiles

It was raining as we left our favorite museum. I had already postponed our departure once, hoping it would slow down. But after an extra half hour of play, the rain was proving stubborn, and the babies were extremely ready for a nap. Big boy begged to stay, but I could tell he was getting tired too. Miraculously, he was happily distracted by the challenge of helping me prepare for our run through the rain.

In case you were wondering, the preparation for and subsequent rainy mad dash with three little ones may look like this:

1) quickly toss out any trash, 2) throw EVERYTHING else (phone, wallet, all the sunglasses, half drunk sippy cups, artwork, etc.) into your bags (it can be sorted out later, with the toddler’s help even), 3) pull the canopies down on the two stroller seats and recline the top seat so it gives extra cover to the bottom seat, 4) hoist the bags on your shoulder then the toddler on your hip, 5) be thankful to the strangers who hold doors open for you, 6) push stroller with one hand and run, 7) laugh, sing, put on a happy face, and keep the kids from being bothered by getting wet. (I’m tired just thinking about it again!)

After our run through the rain, my babies were asleep (amazing, right?), and I pretty much tossed the toddler in the car and said, “buckle up, buddy!”. I quickly threw the bags in the front seat, then proceeded with the task of loading up the babies and checking seat belts. I guess during this phase I forgot to keep singing and smiling because little man started crying about being wet, and this is when the interesting, at first slightly frustrating then philosophical and plain hilarious, conversation started.

Toddler: (Standing motionless in front of his car seat.) Mommy I don’t want to be wet. I don’t want it to rain. (Begins crying.)

Me: (Loading baby boy.) I know buddy, and the babies don’t want to get wet either, so please get in your seat. Quickly.

Toddler: (Still motionless and crying.) But why is it raining? I don’t want it to rain.

Me: Buddy, your sister is getting wet, please sit. (Giving “Mom eye”.) Now.

Toddler: (Climbing in his car seat.) But Mommy, make it stop raining.

Me: (Pushing second row seat back and loading baby girl in front of him.) Honey, I don’t control the weather. God does. He made it rain. Can you buckle up now?

Toddler: Why did God make it rain?

Me: [something like]… sometimes it rains… rain is good… remember in The Lion Guard (of course)… the dry season… cranky animals… less plants… see, rain is good. (Gets in driver’s seat, glad that The Lion Guard brought an end to the crying.)

Toddler: Well, then a crocodile is going to go snap God, and it will stop raining.

At this point, my brain said “what?!?”, but somehow my mouth said this:

Me: Baby, I don’t think a crocodile can snap God. He’s too big for a crocodile to catch. He’s SO big we can’t even see where He starts and where He ends. He’s just in everything.

Toddler: Well, then a crocodile is going to snap EVERYTHING. THEN, it will stop raining.

Okay, kid, okay.

And that really is where the conversation ended (for now), because then, I tossed him a snack, he sat quietly and sleepily looking out the window as he chowed down, and I drove home, enjoying the calm sound of the rain and laughing quietly to myself as these thoughts went through my mind:

1) Kids really do say the darnedest things.

2) It’s amazing how children help reveal and reaffirm your faith in God and His mysteries.

3) Man, this kid really IS obsessed with crocodiles!

4) Thanks to Disney Jr.’s The Lion Guard for emphasizing the Circle of Life and ways of nature.

5) I’m so thankful for this crazy kid, for being his mommy, and for the opportunity to stay at home with my children for now.

Also, if you live in or are visiting Miami with kids, you MUST check out The Lion Guard Exhibit at the Miami Children’s Museum. And don’t miss the Everglades Exhibit at Zoo Miami, featuring a plexiglass tunnel that runs through Clarita the Crocodile’s enclosure, providing visitors with a SUPER close encounter with the 11-foot reptile!

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