Who is Maestra Momma?

In a nutshell, I am: a teacher, a mommy, a stay-at-home mom, a wife, a first generation Nicaraguan-American with Danish roots, in a mixed-faith/race marriage, bilingual, raising Indian-Nicaraguan-American children who will know and respect their own cultural and lingual backgrounds as well as those of others, trying to make the world a better place by being the best teacher and mom I can be because our children are our future.

Maestra/teacher: I tell anyone who wants to know about my professional calling (I assume if you’re reading this, that means you), that it all started when I was just under 3 years old and my parents gave me a little sister. Yes, she would be a playmate and a life-long friend, but my parents also made it clear that I had a duty to help take care of her. Over the years, this transformed from helping my mom with diaper changes to playing escuelita to ensure she learned Spanish by reading aloud our Libritos de Oro then quizzing her with vocab and comprehension questions (and even giving her homework, poor sis) to being a guide, a mentor, and a role model. There’s a strong family lineage too. It was just my calling, loud and clear.

I respect any readers asking themselves, “why does this chick think she can tell me anything about education?” So, here’s a quick summary of my educational/professional background:

With over a decade in Early Childhood Education, my teaching experience spans ages 3-21 in public school settings, (but mostly focused on Pre-K/K), urban education, bilingual education, special education (self-contained, inclusive, and in-home/community and parent training), Autism Intervention, a public charter school, coaching and supervising teachers, supporting and empowering parents,  and educational consulting. Now, I’m a full-time mommy to three monstruitos.

Mommy/momma: my favorite name and role. The child who first spoke those words is Aman, the smartest, funniest, and fastest crocodile loving 5-year-old boy I’ve known. When I first started this blog journey, Ishabella, my sweet Izzie, had just started saying “mama”, and I knew her twin brother Rohan would soon babble that beautiful word too, though he was and remains more focused on charming the world with his sweet smile and laugh. Those are my babies, and I’m so grateful for every fun, exhausting, amusing, emotional roller coaster of a day with them. Yes, at one point I had three kids under the age of 2! And I still have my sanity! Although, my Aman often says that I have “too many kiddos” and that “mommy is crazy.” I said he was smart and funny, right?

*Tía/Aunt & Daughter: Before I was a mommy or teacher, my favorite role, the one I felt was most special, was that of Tía and Madrina (godmother) to my oldest nephewFor 19 years, I’ve observed and admired my three sisters assuming the role of motherhood. Each so differently, but undeniably with their hearts and lives committed to being great mommas. Without them and our wonderful, devoted, loca, Nicaragüense momma, I wouldn’t be the mom I am.

Learn more about my parenting/teaching philosophy in Profile of a Daycare and Teacher and The Rigor in Play Series. Hope you enjoy the blog!