So, you have a couple of buns in the oven (or more). I’ve got some new material a-cookin’ specifically about being a twin momma! Many of the topics will be helpful for singleton or other multiples parents too!

As I add content, I’ll update the links here so you don’t have to go searching far for answers or help.  Congratulations and thanks for reading!

First up: Facing the Facts

I share a bit of my own experience with getting the BIG news and all of the questions, doubts, and facts that you will have to face as you begin this amazing journey!

Twin Gear Guide

Strollers, and bassinets, and sleepers (Now up!), oh my! With added insight on apartment living with twins (plus one) and all that baby crap, I mean gear. But also, yes, lots of baby poop.

And don’t miss:

Our Twin Pregnancy Story

Lost your mind and decided to fly with multiple little ones? Check out how we’ve survived it (several times actually). Details available here.

Future topics will include:

A Happy Momma means Happy Babies

How to keep a calm, healthy, positive attitude through all of the pregnancy struggles, anxiety, and other people’s nonstop (seriously, get ready) comments, questions, etc.

Twin Birthing Plan

Wait, make that plural. During the course of your pregnancy, you’ll probably go through a few plans and definitely need to be open-minded.

Twin Feeding Plan

Whatever you decide, you can achieve it! I can speak specifically about my experience breastfeeding, pumping, bottle-feeding, co-sleeping (yes, I said it), feeding in public, feeding while baby wearing, being milk obsessed (I’ll admit it), why tandem feeding is easier, and why I think feeding twins has been easier than feeding my singleton.

Getting Big Brother/Sister(s) Ready for Babies

Getting around Daily with Twins (plus one!)

Nap/Sleep Schedules

Daily Living and Getting Around

And much more!

I am completely open to questions and requests. To be honest, sometimes once you’ve lived it, you put it out of your mind, so please don’t be shy. I might have stored some helpful information away and not even know it, kind of like when you put something special in a safe place for later, but then forget where you put it. That happens a lot around here.

Anyways, stay tuned!