Halloween: 5 DIY Family Themed Costume Ideas

Let’s face it. They won’t always let us do this.

As I was crafting our Halloween costumes for this year and envisioning years of such wonder, I realized that someday my three amores will have an opinion about their costumes and it probably won’t be coordinated and so innocent. Still, with the tips of my fingers burned off from hot glue gunning eyes and fuzz, I imagined that as they get older I’ll nag them to select a costume with plenty of time for me to create it for them.

Then to my horror, a little nagging voice admitted that some day they might decide to make or buy it themselves. Scary, right? I told my husband when that day comes, it will be the beginning of the end. He said “of your sanity?”. (Sweet man, you are lying to at least one of us.) I replied, “No! Of their childhood!”

Even if time is short, with some help from Amazon, Primary.com, the Goodwill store, a raid of your own closets, and a bit of easy crafting, you can still look adorable and coordinated while your sweet little ones will still let you! Felt and hot glue will be your best friends!

Here are two family Halloween themes with detailed steps to make it that much easier for you!

Winnie the Pooh

Pooh Bear: Pregnant mommas can enjoy showing that beautiful golden bump off! Wear a mustard colored long sleeve shirt and skirt or dress to cover your belly then layer with a red crop top. Or maybe your baby has a great buddha belly! A mustard colored onesie and a cut off red t-shirt will do the trick.

Tigger: Dressed in orange all over, add some stripes, a tail, that cute Tigger belly, and a bounce in your step!

Piglet: Light pink long sleeves and leggings covered up with an oversized hot pink t-shirt or dress that you can add black stripes to. Voila!

Christopher Robin: Yellow collared shirt, blue shorts, white knee-socks, loafers. British accent optional.

Eeyore: Wear light blue. I’d go with a light blue t-shirt and overalls, because kids look adorable dressed in overalls. (I’ve only ever known one person who doesn’t think this.) This one’s all about the long mopey ears (black mohawk for added fun) and cute tail that is not to be confused as a door pull.

Rabbit: All yellow, then add some rabbit ears to a beanie or headband.

Sidenote: I ordered our adorable hats on Etsy, but you could easily fashion them for any of the characters, all you need is the right color beanie, felt, and hot glue (aren’t y’all besties now?).

Ready for Halloween 2017!

Sesame Street

Hubby will be in blue scrubs with the Super Grover emblem and red cape to complete his costume. This Momma Bird has a yellow dress, pink and orange striped knee socks and some extra feathers. Our two year old is in love and has learned his colors thanks to these characters.

Extra details: At the last minute I cut out a heart and letters to make an “I ❤️ trash” sign I added to the book of Oscar’s onesie. Cookie Monster got a felt-made cookie added to her tutu and her headband. They were a hit!

Three additional themes I considered this year:

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie – featuring that cute mouse in overalls and various story props.

Mickey Mouse and Friends – I’d use ball caps, especially great for Donald and Daisy to have duck bills and easy to add mouse ears on top or droopy ears for Pluto and Goofy.

Charlie Brown & the Gang – I think we will be doing this at some point! How cute would Big Brother look with that little curl painted on his forehead?!

8 thoughts on “Halloween: 5 DIY Family Themed Costume Ideas”

  1. I’m so happy you got this going, amiga del alma! Thanks for inspiring me to be a kinder, more thoughtful momma. I love the costume ideas! We’re gonna be Alice in Wonderland characters this year because AG really wanted to be a caterpillar and I (not having your crafting skills) could not figure out how to make a very hungry caterpillar from scratch, but did find a cute Alice Caterpillar. And no- he won’t have a hookah! Haha I’m gonna be the bunny that’s late (of course!) And Russ will be the mad hatter (of course!)

    1. That sounds perfect! I also considered an Alice in Wonderland theme: so many characters to choose from… The twins could be Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. I would have been Alice or the Queen of Hearts! Yours sound perfect!

  2. I’m hoping for lots of photos of y’all rocking the Sesame Street costumes! This post reminds me that once my children were making their own costume choices, they still needed my help–especially to sew a complicated American Girl (Kirsten) prairie dress, bonnet and apron for my 4th-grader.

    1. Oh that was the American Girl doll I had too! And I did always want to match her. What a lucky girl and devoted momma!

  3. I’m reading. I don’t know how you will find time to write, but please do. Your grandfather, my daddy, used to host ongoing conversations about educational theories. I knew about Pavlov by the time I was 5. I learned about centrifugal force when the training wheels came off my bicycle. He taught our dog how to do math. (Not really, there was a trick to it, long story). I remember being taught how to take tests. We had frequent vocabulary lessons at dinner. It runs in your family, deeply.

    1. Thanks for this! I think your father, my Grandad, was incredibly smart and progressive and I love hearing more stories about him!

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