The Little Old Ladies Who Drive Me Nuts!

On any given day when I’m out with my three monstruitos, I’ll get lots of looks and comments from strangers. They might be men or women, young or old, parents or not, even other kids.

There’s the “Oh! Wow! Twins!” as people realize the stroller has another seat below with another baby.

“You have three! And you’re alone!?! You have your hands full!” as they process that my oldest is only a toddler and yes, I’m out alone.

“Wow, you are so lucky/blessed! Boy and girl twins…”

“They are all so good!” Thank God! Sí, son angelitos aunque les digo monstruitos. And, honestly, they’re all their best when we are out.

“You are Super/Wonder Woman/Mom”. ❤️

Of course, I LOVE the positive, confidence-building comments! And I make sure to keep that love rolling to other moms and dads I see, because we’ve got to build each other up. Life, love, parenthood… it’s all hard.

But, can we please talk about the little old ladies who drive me NUTS!?! Like claws out, hair on end, eye-twitching hella BONKERS! I get so infuriated, and my poor hubby gets stuck with me venting (but now there’s you), so these little old ladies are probably making him crazy too.

I’m talking about women who are old enough to be my abuela or bisabuela.  If they had children, they raised them in the 60s or prior.

Here’s what I really want to say to them:

Yes, that’s a matchbox car in my baby girls’ mouth. Yes, those toy keys are a little long, hard and obviously meant for her big brother, but listen, she is sitting in my lap and I am supervising carefully. Oh, and is she happy? Yes, first time all day thanks to horrible teething.

Oh, you mean they make these things called teethers?! You don’t say! Actually, I’ve wasted lots of money on them. I used them with my firstborn and they worked sometimes but these babies want nothing to do with them. They want what big brother has and that means the Lego flower is their preferred pacifier. No, they don’t like actual pacifiers.

What’s wrong with wooden toys? (Wooden cars, blocks, figurines, etc.) You really think my babies will be happy with only plush and rubber-like soft toys? Boring! Didn’t all baby toys used to be wooden? Or metal? Or, you know, covered in lead?! They’ll be fine.

To summarize, please stop with the judgemental comments or advice. Stop letting your eyes bug out with disapproval. It can’t be good for you. And it’s not good for me.

I know you might mean well, but it’s exhausting trying to smile and assure you that it’s really ok. It really is. Just look at them! Happy, beautiful, intelligent little creatures!

And now I just feel guilty and disrespectful, when instead we could be bonding over motherhood. For now, I’ll just nod and smile, keep my chin up, and focus on being a great momma.


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