5 Keepsake Crafts for the Holidays

There are few things cuter than baby hands or feet. I can’t get enough of the way those little toes curl or the way those little hands clap with glee or  manipulate things around them. Ok, except for the hair grabbing, poking me in the eye, or trying to pull off parts of my body like a nose or nipple… yikes! But seriously, those sweet toes and fingers are the cutest torture devices that exist.

Because they’ll grow way too fast and because messy play is so much fun, why not create some keepsake crafts to decorate with during the holiday season, using those adorable hands and feet!

A few tips before I share the fun stuff:

Fabric paint is great on paper too, but it’s a bit harder to get off of the skin. You’ll basically have to brush it clean. Fine for my toddler but not the babies.

Acrylic paint is water based so it washes off of EVERYTHING easily (until fully dry) and it ages well. It won’t flake over the years and can withstand heat and cold reasonably.

Using canvas makes for a nice finished work of art, but you might want to practice those feet- and handprints before pressing them onto the canvas.

Using paper gives you room for error. You can do several prints then pick out the best one to paste it on a bold background.

Use a paintbrush to paint baby hands and feet. It will ensure the best prints, but by all means, afterwards let those little ones just explore, rubbing hands and feet in paint for some sensory fun that is sure to excite!

Use a high chair for itty bitty ones.

Make clothing for an extra special keepsake.

Label the artwork with the year and also label which child did what. If you don’t like your handwriting or don’t want to write directly on the print side, you can note this on the back.

If you title your work, you can use google images to search for a font to inspire you. You can even search for the specific word(s) in your title. For example, search “Happy Hanukkah font”. Then have at it with a pencil before finishing it up with Sharpie.

Embellish as you wish. Ribbon, glitter, or not, whatever makes your heart sing! (Mine is saying glitter and singing “Jingle Bells”, mostly thanks to the toddler’s nonstop singing.)

Use as gifts. What grandparent, aunt/uncle, or parent (for all you teachers)  wouldn’t cherish this sweet keepsake to hallmark your/their child(ren)?!?

So now, onto what you’ve been waiting for…

5 Keepsake Crafts for the Holidays


Santa & reindeer

Closeup Image: redtedart.com

Christmas tree



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